Budget Employment Services do not come with a budget level service – we deliver a quality candidate experience…

Our service is completely free to candidates who of course we depend on to fill the vacancies we get in on a daily basis. We list some positions on our site, but others come and go so quickly we do not need to. We specialise in recruiting for permanent vacancies within the UK for a wide range of companies, from large blue chip multinationals through to charities, SMEs, NGO’s and small businessmen and women.

We can work in any industry and sector including finance, accountancy, legal, business improvement, manufacturing, teaching, the caring professions, health, pharmaceutical, motor and transport, logisitics, warehousing, communications, telecoms, IT, computing, service industries, care work, management of all types, shop floor, senior level executives. In fact, you name it, we offer recruitment in that area, guaranteed.

We pride ourselves on bringing candidates and employers closer together. We firmly believe that your CV should be reviewed by the employer themselves and not a recruitment consultant who will immediately apply their own opinions and prejudices to your CV.

If you meet our client’s initial specification, we will pass your details directly on to them. This is a revolutionary way of providing recruitment via the web, and means that you get your CV seen by the employers rather than being filtered out by an admin assistant working for an employment agency.

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